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The Kingdom Collection: A Timeless Fusion of History and Elegance

It's always exciting to share the inspiration behind our collections , and the Kingdom Collection is particularly close to my heart. This collection is a reflection of my architectural roots and a tribute to the rich tapestry of ancient civilizations. 

Byzantine Elegance: First, imagine the Byzantine era's lavishness, where colors and gold ruled supreme. In this collection, garnets, turquoises, greens, and blues are not just colors; they are echoes of a splendid past, each piece an ode to this magnificent period's artistic excellence.

Greco-Roman Legacy: Next, we travel to the Greco-Roman world. Here, the craftsmanship of hammered leaves and openwork gold pendants is reminiscent of a time when art was an expression of both beauty and power. These pieces are designed to capture the essence of this influential era in a modern and wearable form.

Pharaonic Egypt’s Majesty: The journey wouldn’t be complete without a nod to the mystique of Pharaonic Egypt. Minimalist cuffs and large bracelets in this collection are my interpretation of Egyptian art's bold and geometric patterns, reimagined for contemporary elegance.

Islamic Art Intricacies: Lastly, the intricate beauty of Islamic art and architecture finds its expression in the modular pieces inspired by mashrabiyas. This part of the collection is a personal favorite, blending the complexity and meticulousness of Islamic patterns with the fluidity of modern design.

Each piece in the Kingdom Collection is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a story, a piece of history, reimagined and reborn. I invite you to be a part of this journey. Explore these creations, find your connection to these ancient worlds, and carry a piece of history with you. The Kingdom Collection awaits in our online shop, ready to be discovered and cherished.


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