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The Genesis Collection is inspired by the natural world, where the first ornaments were found.

We have all at some point hung a cherry or a flower from our ears, and this collection draws its lightness from the spring, the scorched lands of late summer, wild oats bursting under the heat of the sun, and ready to sow their seeds in all winds.

The jewels imitate cacti, grasses, wildflowers, lush flora, and are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The collection also features flying dragonflies, golden butterflies foraging on a stem, fish, beetles, birds, migratory or not.

It's a celebration of the beauty and diversity of nature.

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The Kingdom Collection is a celebration of ancient civilizations through exquisite jewels.

Featuring a palette of garnet, turquoise, green, and blue, highlighted with gold, the Byzantine-inspired pieces exude elegance and opulence. The Greco-Roman Antiquity-inspired jewelry boasts hammered leaves and openwork gold pendants, reminiscent of a time of great art and culture.

The collection pays tribute to Pharaonic Egypt with minimalist cuffs and large bracelets, made of ribbons of brass sheets that have been hardened under the hammer. And finally, the modular pieces of the mashrabiyas reflect the intricate beauty of Islamic art and architecture.

Discover the full "Kingdom" Collection and indulge in the rich history and artistry of these exquisite pieces.

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Collection is a tribute to the past while existing in the present moment.

With the swaying rhythm of caravans, it draws inspiration from the memories of young girls from the Mediterranean to the borders of India, blending the aesthetics of antiquity with modernity.

Every country has its beloved jewelry, which are often replicated identically across generations.

These pieces serve as gateways to the past and offer infinite opportunities for interpretation, lending themselves perfectly to innovation in continuity.

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